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-  The shop minimum is $150.00

-  A minimum deposit of $120.00 is required to secure an appointment and/or      start the art (can be more for bigger and more complex pieces)



-  To book an appointment:  1) Call or email artist of choice to  

   arrange consultations and appointments. 3) Leave deposit and book. 

-  Deposits are non-refundable. They are applied to the final session of    

   the tattoo when it is completed.

-  Deposits expire 90 days after your artwork is prepared or after your most            recent session, whichever is later, unless special arrangements are made. 

-  24 hour cancellation notice is required to change an appointment time,                without  forfeiting the deposit.   

-  If you arrive more than 20 minutes late for an appointment you may be               considered a no-show and have to reschedule. If this happens more than once,     you may loose your deposit.


Tips and Tricks

-  Eat well. Eating a huge meal with lots of protein about 1/2 hour before being      tattooed is the most important thing you can do to make your experience a          pleasant one and to guard against fainting.

-  Be well-rested. 

-  Do not come if you are sick, high or hung over. Don't do drugs (except Tylenol)    or drink prior to being tattooed.    

-  Taking Acetominophen (Tylenol) 1/2 hour prior to the procedure will take the        edge off  the pain and will increase endurance.   

-  Ladies:  avoid scheduling sessions while suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome,    at this time one's pain threshold is only about half of what it normally is. 

-  Don't bring little kids or pets. We don't do "insta-sleeves" so don't show up 45    minutes before your flight leaves. 

-  Please do not send us 12 emails with 20 attachments. Involve yourself in your      own tattoo; try narrow down what it is that you actually want.

-  WE ARE NOT HERE TO COPY OTHER PEOPLE'S CUSTOM TATTOOS. Because   that would be unethical. We can use images as stylistic and compositional           inspiration when developing a custom design, which can be similar (not             identical) to the one you saw on Pintarest.  



  •  Wear a mask

  •  Call ahead for availability

  •  Cancel if you're sick

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