-  The shop minimum is $100.00

-  The hourly rate is $150.00 when client provides artwork

-  The hourly rate is $180.00 for custom and coverup work (to compensate artist      for consultation, research, design and drawing time)

-  A minimum deposit of $100.00 is required to secure an appointment and/or   start the art (can be more for bigger and more complex pieces)



-  To book an appointment:  1) Call for availability of artist you wish to consult with, 2)  Come in for consulation and 3)  Leave a deposit and book an appointment. 

-  Deposits are non-refundable, however they are applied to the final session of the tattoo when it is completed.

-  Deposits expire 90 days after your artwork is prepared or after you last session, whichever is later, unless special arrangements are made with your artist. 

-  24 hour cancellation notice is required to change an appointment time, without forfeiting the deposit.   

-  If you arrive more than 20 minutes late for an appointment you may be considered a no-show and will have to reschedule.  If this happens more than once you may lose your deposit.


Tips and Tricks

-  Eat well. Eating a huge meal with lots of protien about 1/2 hour prior to being tattooed is the most important thing you can do to assure that your experience is a pleasant one and that you don't pass out.

-  Be well rested.  Be well (not sick, high or hung over).  Except Tylenol, don't do drugs or drink prior to being tattooed.    

-  If you're scared and aren't allergic to it, take Acetominophen (Tylenol) 1/2 hour prior to the  procedure. It will take the edge off and increase your endurance.   

-  Ladies:  try to avoid scheduling sessions while suffering from Pre Menstrual Syndrome when your pain threshold is only about half of what it normally is. 

-  Don't bring little kids or pets.  We don't do "insta-sleeves" so don't show up 45 minutes before your flight leaves. 

-  Please do not send us 12 emails with 20 attachments. Involve yourself in your own tattoo; try narrow down what it is that you actually want.

-  WE ARE NOT HERE TO COPY OTHER PEOPLE'S CUSTOM TATTOOS. We can use images as stylistic and compositional inspiration when developing a custom design for you, which can be similar (not identical) to the one you saw on Pintarest, because that would be unethical.  




Ink Ink Tattoo                          830 Lincoln Boulevard             Venice, CA   90291


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         Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday: noon-7:00pm

     Sunday:  By Appointment