Karina Mayorga

Karina is the founder of Ink Ink Tattoo. Tattooing since 1991, she is versatile in a wide variety of

styles and is known for lettering

and portraits. Esthetic influences include Symbolism, Surrealism, Conceptual Art, biology,

architecture and the occult.

Jennifer Sutton

Ms. Sutton is a So. Cal native. She specializes in American Traditional style tattooing. She paints Flash Sheets, with scores of classically inspired, original tattoo designs. Jennifer

is committed to keeping

western tattoo traditions alive. 


West is a meticulous tattooer capable in many styles, especially fine line and detail work.

Gal Sunshine

Gal Sunshine, our newest resident artist is positive and personable, a versatile custom artist from Israel who works in several media including tattooing.


Ink Ink Tattoo                          830 Lincoln Boulevard             Venice, CA   90291


(310) 314-7703                                                               

         Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday: noon-7:00pm

     Sunday:  By Appointment